Understanding the Need for Oil Boiler Servicing

Oil boilers can be the most efficient only if they are serviced periodically. By getting, a good Oil boiler servicing in Rye does not only make your oil boiler efficient but also helps you to save money by cutting down the unexpected repairs costs of potential breakdowns. The continuous use of an oil boiler affects its different parts and for an efficient working, all components should be in a good working condition.

With a few basic and important pointers provided below, you can verify if all parts of your boiler are in good working condition for maximum efficiency and safety.

Check all the pipes linked to boiler and related areas for any signs of leakage (e.g. oil tank and supply pipe)

Clean the flue (boiler’s duct/pipe for exhaust) if it is not, it needs to be clean to exhaust all the smoke from the burning fuel.

Check combustion by using a flue gas analyzer.

Clean the oil filters and oil nozzle. You can also replace them, depending upon their condition.

Water level in the oil tank needs to be checked.

Clean internal parts of the oil boiler (e.g. heat exchanger and burner) by removing its exterior casing.

All safety systems need to be checked to ensure that they are working correctly (e.g. pressure relief valves, burner lockout devices and thermostats).

Most Common Reasons of Oil Boiler’s Recurring Problems

Slow Heat up

Significant amount of time taken by the oil boiler to heat up can be due to the gathered soot. Soot forms due to partially burnt fuel or excessive smoke. It limits the amount of heat that can be transferred into the heating system water.

Unexpected Shutdown

Photocells are the key feature of an oil boiler that makes it efficient. Photocells detect whether the boiler has lit and when it needs to be shutdown. If these photocells are dirty, they will be unable to detect if the burner has lit up and may cause the boiler to shutdown unexpectedly. If this happens then the repeated switching on and off will make your oil boiler less efficient and decrease its life.

Oil Boiler not burning up

You boiler electrodes are not sparking up and the boiler is not lighting up. This can be due to soot deposits on the electrodes, which cause inconvenience, inefficiency and increases your fuel cost.

These are just a few reasons that reduce the efficiency of your oil boiler. For the very reason, oil fired appliances and equipment need to be correctly and thoroughly serviced at least once a year.

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