Mega Unknown Facts about Boilers

Did you know that over a half of your energy bill is due to your boiler? With every temperature degree of boiler turned down, you can save 10% on your heating bills! With new Boilers Installation in Hastings, you have the variety of simple and efficient options that help you in making savings and utilizing your boiler to its fullest capacity. Let us have a look at them.

  • Keep a regular check on boiler pressure gauge. The ideal boiler pressure gauge setting is recommended to be between 1 and 1.5. Ignoring the pressure setting will cause ineffective working of the boiler hence leaving you with high-energy consumption bills.
  • Notice the burning flame of you boiler. If it is blue, there is no need to worry; it implies that your boiler is burning properly. However, if the flame color is yellow or orange it means that the boiler is not burning properly. In this case it needs to be checked by a professional. If you cannot see the flame then just leave it to the boiler technicians who will inform you and take care of such issues.
  • Fuel leaks cost you extra. You can keep a check for the gas smell. Although, the Natural Gas is odorless, the pungent smell of sulfur is added for safety in order to indicate the sign of leakage.

Though, these guidelines can help you to save money but a new boiler can help you save even more. Boilers are going green now. Modern boilers do not waste energy and water; instead, they use recycling process. EST (Energy Saving Trust) states that with a new, A-rated (high-efficient) boiler you can save at least £300 a year.

Boilers Functionality and Types

A boiler is a device that is used for heating water. It does so by producing pressurized steam. This steam is produced either by heating water with heating rods or by burning fire (with help of fuel such as natural gas). Now with new technology every day, there are different and efficient boilers coming in the market. They all follow the same principle but with some extra tweaks, they are of different types. There are 3 basic types of boilers you may find.

1- Combination Boilers (Efficient, Cheaper, Easy Installation, on demand Heat water, Good for providing heated water in single tap or few taps at a time)

2- System Boilers (Expensive, Less Efficient, Need Space, Good for providing heated water in multiple taps at a time)

3- Conventional Boilers (Expensive, Need Space, Good for large homes as they can provide heated water in multiple taps at a time)

Choosing Best Boiler Installation Service

Ecoheat Plumbing & Heating is a proud provider of Boilers Installation in Hastings 24 hours throughout the year. Our company is established, fully insured and complies with UK health and safety. We put safety and customer satisfaction at our highest priority. The plumbing and heating engineers of our team are BPEC certified and Gas Safe Registered.

If you want to save yourself from anxiety, extra energy consumption and money, Ecoheat Plumbing & Heating is the best pick for you. We can provide you the ideal quote for following:

Boiler installation and repairs (for most popular brands)

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Central heating system upgrades and repairs (for maximum heating efficiency)

Power flushing (for lowers fuel bills)

Unvented hot water cylinders (for safety mechanisms checks)

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